DGB Refrigeration was first established in 1994 by its founder Doug Barlow.

He had originally worked for East Midlands Electricity Board and Blackburn Starling, running their refrigeration departments. With this wealth of knowledge and experience in refrigeration gained over 40 years, Doug, along with support of his family, set up the company.

DGB Refrigeration was born from humble beginnings in a small council lock-up refurbishing beer coolers for such companies as Scottish & Newcastle and local Nottinghamshire breweries, which have all sadly now demised. With this in mind DGB had to explore other fields, one being the vending industry which proved to be a perfect match. With DGB’s ethos for quality and expertise, a rapid rate of growth was experienced, mainly fuelled by the manufacture of water chillers as well as repairs/refurbishment.

To facilitate this growth, DGB moved to our current purpose built factory in 1999.

Over the years, people’s choices and cultures seemed to change - preferring coffee dispensed from the vending machines instead of cold drinks. This decline again led to DGB having to diversify - building bespoke condensing units for the food sector and chillers for use in the medical industry, which we are immensely proud of.

DGB Family